Workouts for Judo Testimonials

"Matt's Workouts For Judo Ebook has taken my conditioning to the next level. Last night one of our best brown belts was complaining about how gassed he was and I still felt like a million bucks." (true story)

"What I've learned from Matt's ebooks and videos has completely transformed my approach to Judo and grappling in general. Matt doesn't just demonstrate techniques, he shows you WHY they work. I'm catching people with things they've never even seen."

"Grappling is more than learning techniques. It's conditioning, strategy and dedication. Matt is a trainer, coach and sports psychologist all rolled into one. I can't recommend his material highly enough!"

- Jason

"As a new student I've found Matt's website to be a fantastic resource for both Judo techniques and education in the type of fitness and conditioning you need to be an effective fighter.

Never having done Judo before I found the strength and fitness needed much higher than anything I had previously experienced. From the tutorials and articles Matt made available online I began to see a real improvement in my performance after working on the specific muscles and areas of body strength and agility that he outlines as integral to Judo fitness.

As a newcomer too I would often find the technical aspects of throws and hold-downs at training hard to remember after the session finished. Being able to watch the video demonstrations of grips, throws and holds really helped to break these down into parts I could understand and recall later at the next session.

I enjoy Matt's updates too as he progresses through various competitions and his own training, his passion and dedication always make for great reading"

Thanks Matt!

- Stewart

"Matt your exercise and workout principles have allowed me to significantly improve my ability to train harder for longer, resulting in much better technique!

These days I don't have to worry about my fitness at all."

Thanks a lot Matt I really appreciate all your help!

- Mark

" I feel compelled to write about the results both my son and I have had using 'Workouts for Judo'. I purchased 'Workouts for Judo' to give me some ideas on how to condition my son for his Judo and BJJ competitions as I didn't have the knowledge on how to train/condition effectively for for both these sports.

'Workouts for Judo' has given me clear precise easy to follow instructions to tailor workouts for both my son and myself. My son does very well in any competition he enters now, sometime beating way more experienced opponents simply because he is better conditioned. I too have recently started competing in BJJ and have entered these competions with confidence knowing I was in great shape. I clearly had an explosive strength advantage over all of my opponents in my weight division, totally dominating the takedowns to give me the top position where I like to be!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to train how a Judoka should! "

- Heath